Browser fingerpint

I used an online software where I can call my own mobile phone via TOR.
I tried to call several times but was then rejected, with the error message that my computer has tried to call too often.

Does the software konw that I use TOR or can it detect my exact fingerprint (my browser/computer)?

The latter would be really devestating to be honest!


Yes. The web server can detect that your request is coming from a Tor exit node. Some web servers use this information to block access. Maybe this is what happened.

No. The Tor Browser prevents this.

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Well, did you restart the browser between attempts? Your IP and cookies only get refreshed when you restart it (and there’s a “New Identity” button in the browser). If you just refresh the page, or even not refresh it at all, your identity is preserved, which is intentional.

Yes, I chose “New Identity”, this is what is frightening me so!

It’s probably because someone else has connected to the same website through the same exit node previously. I doubt that that there’s more to it, not on a random website.

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