Bridges work but with error messages in log / TB 11.0.6 / Linux

= Linux / Debian Sid
= Tor Browser 11.0.6
= Safest

After updating my Tor Browser to the current version (11.0.6) I’ve noticed a flood of errors in my Tor Browser logs.

The error is as follows (omitted the bridge info):

[WARN] Proxy Client: unable to connect OR connection (handshaking (proxy)) with [omitted] ID=[omitted] RSA_ID=[omitted] (“general SOCKS server failure”)

Normally, I’d receive these messages when a bridge was offline, so I would remove it manually from the bridge listing in Tor Browser.

However, now the logs, even if I clear “cached-*”, “lock”, “state” and reload Tor Browser, fill with the error above for the bridges.

Strangely, though, the bridges work despite the error messages. I can reproduce this simply by reloading Tor Browser.

Is there already a bug report URL for this issue? I’m not familiar enough with GitLab so I’m not signing up there.

Thanks very much.


same issue here - Linux / Tor 11.0.6

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Hi atari,

Thanks for posting. Do you know if there’s an open bug report for this issue? It’s really strange.

Hej aliceinonionland,

just opened Proxy Client: unable to connect OR connection | warings when starting with bridges (#40804) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab - but I guess there will be no priority on because somehow after bootstrapping it works…

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Thanks for getting back to me on this as well as for opening a bug report!

I understand and agree but let’s hope there’s some action taken on this as it shouldn’t be happening even if it does work the errors means something is wrong. It could be nothing or it could be something, but let’s stay positive and hope it’s resolved.

Thanks again!

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Is there any troubleshooting or anything which can be done to aid in the slaying of this bug?

I signed up to GitLab for this (and possibly any other potentials in the future).


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I hope this issue is resolved soon.

Anyone interested can visit the GitLab page for it:

@arma “gave the ticket a new title which is more about what is going wrong rather than just the symptom”

The new title of the bug is " Tor Browser’s new obfs4proxy client has compatibility issues with old obfs4proxy bridges"