Bridge seems to have died after IP change


after a long absence I setup a Tor bridge which is hosted on my home-run NAS in a LXD container (according to the instructions here). I adjusted my home network to make necessary firewall rules. The reachability test was and is successfull. Yesterday up to 2,6 Gb traffic has been reported.

But honestly I do not know what I am seeing right now. As I do not have a static IP the IP changed early in the morning. Relay search lists my bridge as offline and I assume that it actually is. The log reports no open circuits and and a reachability issue with IPv6. As far as I know a static IP or a service name is not strictly necessary as Tor network can deal with that. Any hint is appreciated.

Restart and see if tor recovers.
How often does your IPv4 change?

I restarted the service and will see if it helps. My IP changes every 24 hrs.

Thank you for hosting a bridge, they are really needed.

If your IP changes every 24 is better if you don’t host a bridge. Bridges take a while to distribute and people use them for as long as they can. Is going to be a frustrating experience for the users of your bridge to try to connect to a bridge that just rotate it’s IP address.

Maybe you can host a snowflake proxy instead: