Bridge operators contact addresses now public

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My reaction was:
sed -i ‘s/ContactInfo/#ContactInfo/’ torrc*

This shouldn’t have been a reaction, but a preparation for this change, but I did not know that ContactInfo will be exposed to everyone :confused:


If the bridge was named “Nickname → ForPrivacyNET” its 100% it belongs ForPrivacyNET, so why not also show mail?

Regarding to “expectations for relay operators”:

Be sure to set your ContactInfo to a working address in case we need to reach you.

In my understanding this doesn’t mean “we will publish your email-address to the world”. Not all bridges are named after an organization and probably not everyone has the desperate need to have ContactInfo published…

I was very surprised when I saw it. In my case, what has been achieved with this is that I write a fake email address. I don’t want my email to be public.


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You can still have a contact email address without revealing your particulars.


Set up a base email address. DO NOT PUBLISH that email address anywhere.

Then in the settings, set up a secondary email address. Any mail to that secondary address will forward to the base email address.

So for instance, say you set up a base email address of base [at] mailnesia [dot] com

You’d access it here:

Then you’d click the little ‘tool’ icon in the upper-left to set up a secondary email address. Let’s say you set up secondary [at] mailnesia [dot] com

Now you’ll access the base email address to view the emails received at the secondary email address.

Thus, unless someone guesses your base email address, no one can read your mail (surfing to the web page for the secondary address doesn’t show anything other than that it’s been reserved for use elsewhere).

So make your base email address something that’s not easy to guess, and never publish it.

That secondary email address is the one you’d publish.

Hey @atari,

We advertised this change in our community spaces:

I wonder where else should we have advertised that. Or what’s the best way to let the relay operator community know about it.

“Stop sanitizing contact info for bridges.” does not directly translate to “Bridge operators contact addresses now public” in my mind - but OK…

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