Bridge is overloaded

Hello relay operators, It’s been a long time since I’ve been here :wave:

I have a bridge that is overloaded with over 880 unique clients every 6 hours. This is the first time I’ve seen so much traffic on a single bridge, on all my bridges I don’t have so many clients.

A few months ago, on 10 bridges, I had about 1200 clients. And now on one bridge I have almost as many. When I look at the origin of the clients, they come from Turkmenistan. I know the situation in Iran but is it related?

I tell you about the problem because my bridge crashes quite often because of the high load…
If others have this problem it could at least rule out a DDoS from my bridge.

Thanks :heart:

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The extreme deflection is clearly visible here in the graphic.

That already looks like a short DDOS.
A week ago I also observed a nearly 50x load on my bridge.


Hi @Superpaul209, it seems your bridge is not blocked in Turkmenistan and that’s great! It’s definitely not an attack, it’s just the case where TM censors are blocking massive parts of the internet and your bridge is in an IP range that is not blocked (yet). Yay! Thanks for running a bridge! :heart:

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