Brave Search is Being Bad :(

A couple days ago, I posted asking how to add Brave search as my default search engine here:

Now, I see that Brave is blocking Tor requests for search :frowning: This make me sad, but maybe Brave will change this in the future? Overall, I have a good impression of Brave’s respect for user privacy, but this really makes me second-guess whether I should use Brave search.

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The founder of Brave is also the inventor of JavaScript. Don’t expect too much of it. Very lame though.


Neither is the company behind the Tor Browser’s default search engine? I’ve always wondered why DDG seems to be the most trusted privacy-oriented search engine; is the no-tracking policy somehow verifiable?

Regarding the OP, I have tested Brave Search on several circuits and I got a no-robot-check once. So probably not blocking exits specifically, but not particularly Tor-friendly either. Which is funny considering Brave Browser has this ‘Tor’ mode included for extra theatre. TB in safest mode does work, though.

An interesting read here:


Same. I only use it because they provide an .onion service:


^ the “html” portion is for users with Javascript disabled. (further disabled in about:config, javascript.enabled toggled to false, and Tor Browser’s Security Level set to Safest)

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You don’t need to worry about JavaScript, because there’s an operating system: Whonix. You just use Whonix Gateway in Virtual Machine and configure the network cards for virtual machines, rootkit and BIOS kit cannot leak your IP address unless they can escape from virtual machine.

I’ve wondered this, too. I always thought that SearX should be the default, as it’s the best open-source “engine” I’ve seen. It’s really a meta search engine, which in my opinion is even better.

Either way, I’m grateful that DuckDuckGo allows and promotes access from Tor. I hope Brave Search follows suit, but we just have to wait.

Hi, I’m being using Brave, and haven’t experience the problem, but I do have a great alternative, it’s open resourced, and p2p mode.