Botnet problem?

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I am new to ToR I operate the MindZero08 and MindZero09 relays. I have a firewall that has botnet detection built in. What I have noticed is that if I enable this capability on the egress traffic flow from my IP address, that it blocks connections to ToR Relays with the Authority flag. Has anyone else noticed this issue? For now I have turned off the botnet detection on the egress, and kept it enabled in the ingress connections to my relays as they are both Guards, and I figured it may mitigate them being used for botnet activity.

Any advice and guidance would be welcome.

Yes. At times they are flagged by various security products/services. One old explanation is that some malware connected to those IPs when starting to use the Tor network. Please have such security functions disabled for relays in your router so that traffic is not incorrectly blocked, in either direction.

Thanks for running a relay!

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Thanks for your help.