Bookmark Folders

I’m not sure if I’m having an issue with my bookmarks or if this is how it’s intended to work. I have a lot of bookmarks which I’ve organized into folders to make finding them easier. However, when I go to search for a bookmark using the top menu, it only shows a list of my bookmarks and not the folders. This makes searching for what I need very difficult. Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong?

Hi there,
you have two options :
1/ put your Folders into your personal tool bar, then choose “always show personal tool bar”. Like that you will have all your folders below the address bar and just have to click on the folder you want to see all your bookmarks.
2/ “ctrl +shift + o” to manage your bookmarks and there you can see all the Folders you’ve created, choose one and you’ll see the list of your folder’s bookmarks :wink:

Thanks for your reply. How do I show my personal toolbar? I can’t find a setting for it.

right click on the tab strip … see pic


I did it almost at the same time, here a animated gif explaining the concept:


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Thank you! I didn’t realize that by personal toolbar you meant the favorites bar. But thanks for showing me. One more question, why do I have a “bookmarks menu” and then “other bookmarks”. What’s the difference between the two?

An Other Bookmarks folder will appear at the end of the Bookmarks toolbar if the “Other Bookmarks” folder in your Library contains any bookmarks. This is done to make it easier to find bookmarks stored in this folder.