Boilerplate Guidelines/ToS talk inflexibly about "the law"

In the Guidelines page (FAQ - Forum Tor Project) we see:

You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for […] breaking any other law.

And then in the terms-of-service (Terms of Service - Forum Tor Project) we see:

  1. You may not break the law using the forum.

This notion of “the law” is very inflexible in a world that has many different countries, each of which has many different laws, some of which are bad laws.

Am I allowed to write something supportive of LGBTQ people (violating a law in Russia)?

If Pakistan finally takes the next step and outlaws VPNs, am I allowed to use a VPN to reach this site (violating that future law)?

All this to say: did we inherit these boilerplate documents from Discourse? Should we plan to simplify them sometime?

Or option two, maybe we should leave them in place, because some lawyers would recommend it, and if people are concerned about our strange contradictory values, we can point them to this thread and the resolution of it?


Maybe we could reference our code of conduct instead of “the law”.


Alright, applied Meskio’s suggestion. And also did some cleaning on ToS.