Best DNS resolver for an exit

What is the best DNS provider for an exit? I’m using Cloudflare’s right now but I’d like to change.

On my Linux nodes I use unbound as described in the setup guide to perform DNS resolution locally:

Cloudflare / Google DNS is not recommended to use with Exit nodes as it centralizes tor’s DNS resolution to a few central places on the web.


Thanks, I’ve moved over to my ISP’s DNS.

I’m not sure if they have something similar for Linux, but for Windows, I’m using Simple DNSCrypt.

It does DNS over TCP, DNS over HTTPS, only selects DNS servers with DNSSEC, only selects servers without logging, only selects servers without filters.

So I’ve got 82 DNS servers that are used in round-robin fashion.

Have you run into any problems using DNSCrypt so far? I’m thinking about using DNSCrypt as well for my relay.

No problems whatsoever. Do be sure, in your network settings, to set the DNS server to, after you’ve got DNScrypt installed and running.

Thanks for responding. Got it up and running and it works great.