Banned Tor Exit Nodes

I was using TOR to access an internet forum and the admin banned all of my exit nodes and now when I try to use TOR to access the site I get a 'This Site Can’t Be Reached notification. Is there a way to circumvent this?

It depends if they blocked every Tor exit node or not: currently there are 2,441 Tor exit nodes, so try generating a different Tor circuit for the site by using the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut within the Tor Browser.

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Stick a proxy on the end and see if that helps.

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Instead of using your nodes, try using regular public nodes. If you can’t access the forum from public nodes either, it means they’ve blocked the Tor network. If he banned your account, it means you shouldn’t be in that forum or this one either. Tor doesn’t encourage spammers.

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How did he even know that I was using TOR to begin with?

Most exit nodes openly identify themselves as being with TOR network.

Open Tor Browser and go to My IP Address - BrowserLeaks and you will see all of the Tor related info.

Tor exit nodes and their IP addresses are public so they are easy to identify. Some webmasters choose to block the IP addresses manually or use automated methods of blocking them instead. If the Tor exit node’s IP address is blocked, you can use a proxy service, provided that their IP address is not blocked too.