banned ips due to Tor?

Hello everybody.
I’ve been running a tor internal relay since some months and i’ve a multi homed system.
Single ethernet interface with multiple ip addresses.
Today i discovered that my provider banned all of them.
I’ve other ones i just tried and they still work.
In the process of isolating the cause for that, I’ve been thinking of tor.
Since i didn’t forced an outbound address in torrc, my question is: does tor cycle through all of the available ips to make its outgoing connections?
That could explain what happened.
Thanks in advance!

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Hello @kokoko3k,

If you don’t set up an IP in torrc the outbound address, Tor will try to automatically bind to an available IP. You can check if an IP address is part of the Tor network by searching on the Tor metrics portal:

For more than one week old results, you will need to download the server descriptors and search manually:

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