Back Button Dropdown List

Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Tor Browser version: 11.0.6
Tor Browser Security Level: Safer

The TOR Browser Bundle (TBB) is my default Web and file browser. I’m a long-time user, believer, and closet proponent. I’m grateful that TBB exists.

I have a couple of kvetches, though. The first and most recent is about the Back button. It seems to me that its behavior changed a couple of rev-levels ago.

  1. Visit any old Web site, for example: Phenology — Introduction
  2. Click any old link on the page, say, “Historical Context.”
  3. Right click on the Back button. You’ll see a drop-down list of visited links.
  4. Left click on the Back button. This takes you back to the (top?!!) of the first page.
  5. Right click on the Back button. You’ll see that the previous page has been pushed onto the list (again).

Now, I think and believe that, when you click the Back button, the current page (along with the cursor position) ought to be popped from the back list and pushed onto the forward list. Then the cursor position on previous page will be at the top of the back list and should be restored. I think and believe that this is the WAY IT USED TO WORK.

THE WAY IT IS NOW (for me) causes the back list to get deeper with every click of the Back button. Surely this is not right.

THE WAY IT IS NOW, there is never anything under the Forward button so there’s no (intuitive) way to toggle between the two most recent pages. Clicking the Back button DOES NOT lead back more than one page. In fact clicking the Back button twice does not take you to the previous page of the previous page. Instead it takes you into a loop between the two most recent pages.