Assistance Required with Tor Configuration for Enhanced Anonymity

Greetings Tor Community,

I am currently seeking guidance on configuring Tor for enhanced anonymity and privacy protection. Despite having a basic understanding of Tor’s functionality, I find myself encountering certain challenges that hinder my ability to optimize its performance to meet my specific needs.
To provide some context, I have been using Tor for a while now primarily for browsing sensitive websites and communicating securely. However, recent events have underscored the importance of further fortifying my anonymity and privacy measures within the Tor network.
Specifically, I am interested in exploring advanced configurations or additional tools/extensions that can bolster my anonymity profile without compromising usability or significantly impacting browsing speeds. Moreover, I am keen to learn about any best practices or recommended configurations from experienced users within the community.

Here are a few specific questions I have:

  1. Are there any recommended configurations or settings adjustments beyond the default setup that can enhance anonymity within the Tor network?
  2. What additional tools or browser extensions do you recommend for augmenting privacy protection while using Tor?
  3. How can I ensure that my Tor browser is configured to minimize the risk of browser fingerprinting and other tracking techniques?
  4. Are there any known vulnerabilities or common pitfalls that users should be aware of when configuring Tor for enhanced anonymity?

I understand that achieving absolute anonymity on the internet is a complex endeavor, but any insights, tips, or resources that the community can provide would be greatly appreciated. Your collective expertise will undoubtedly help me and others in the community navigate the intricacies of Tor and strengthen our defenses against surveillance and online threats. I have followed this- add-on, extension, or plugin | Tor Project | Support
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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I highly recommend reading the Tor User Support FAQ:


The Security Slider is normally set to Standard, but you can also change it to Safer and Safest depending on your use case.

There are operating systems that are designed with Tor, such as Tails and Whonix. I would not recommend installing any browser extensions, as that may alter your browser fingerprint and increase your risk of deanonymization.

If you set your Security Slider to Safest, many websites break due to their reliance on JavaScript, which can be used for browser fingerprinting and tracking, among other purposes.

User errors, such as installing browser extensions or providing personal account credentials to third-party servers.

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