ARTI API: allow_onion_addrs


I’m trying to use arti_client API to connect to my Onion hidden service but I can’t create a TorClientConfig object with allow_onion_addrs set to TRUE. If I try to build a TorClientConfig with the following code:

let config = TorClientConfig::builder().address_filter().allow_onion_addrs(true).build();

I get ClientAddrConfig instead of a TorClientConfig.

Is this the right behaviour? How can I create a TorClientConfig with allow_onion_addrs set to TRUE?

Best regards,
Sérgio Carvalho


The address_filter() function returns a &mut reference to a sub-builder of type ClientAddrConfigBuilder. (That sub-builder is a member of the TorClientConfigBuilder.)

I think what you want to do here is more like:

let mut cfg_builder = TorClientConfig::builder();
let config =;

Hope this helps!

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You right! My bad!

Thanks for the help!