Are these phrases live on Tor site or are outdated?

I have seen several phrases that i doubt if are still live on Tor website. For example this one:

“The new shiny Tor Browser 10 for Desktop is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory!”

We are now on 12.x not 10 …

So if it indeed is no longer needed, some cleanup to be made to save time of future translators. What is the requirement for new language (already listed in under Tor) to be published?

Ey there:

Tor Browser major releases have an article on the website. They are available at Tor Project | What's new in Tor Browser

Only the major releases have this article where we explain the changes and show screenshots.

You could consider them outdated, but they have important information about our fixes and what is working better, etc.

To add a new translation the requirement is a complete translation without failing checks, and the commitment to keep it up to date.