Anyone with hetzner? watchout!

We’re writing to you today because of your traffic use, which currently
averages above 250 TB/month on some of your servers.

Although these servers include unlimited traffic, this is far above what
we consider fair use.

In order to continue hosting your servers with us, the traffic use will
need to be drastically reduced. Please check your servers and confirm
what is using so much traffic, making sure it is nothing abusive, and
then find ways of reducing it.

We will routinely check your traffic use. If we continue to see such a
high amount, we may choose to cancel your contract. (Please see 2.7 of
our Terms and conditions:
Terms and Conditions)

Thank you for your understanding.


Hm, How long have you been running it for? I wish I got that much traffic on all my exits… Exit Relay? If you want other providers look here.

That’s meaningless.
What service did he book exactly? A KVM, a used dedicated from the ‘Serverbörse’, a new bare metal?
A ‘fair use’ or ‘300Mb guaranteed’ clausel is often common.

Currently @ all servers with unmetered unlimited traffic (1000 Mbit)
See my list post: OT: cheap bar metal machines

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