Anyone know how to make a relay with a raspberry Pi 4?

Hi! Ive been wanting to make a relay for a while now and have a spare raspberry Pi4. Is there an easy way to make a relay? I have Umbrel Bitcoin node setup and added the Snowflake Proxy app to it.

Is this enough to help secure the Tor network?


Hello @josh,

Your Raspberry Pi 4 could hosts a tor bridge, you can read about it here (there are differences between bridge, middle relay and exit) : Tor Project | Types of relays on the Tor network
Snowflake could be enough but since you have a good hardware, it would be good to use it more with a bridge that could help more people.

Do you need help with technical setup or anything else ?



Hi @Superpaul209 thank you for your reply sorry for the delay in mine.

Would you help me with the setup? Which one receives the least amount of abuse?

I think a bridge would be best. Hope one day to run an exit but for now I’d like to keep it simple.


Hi @josh,

You can run a bridge on your Raspberry Pi 4 at home, its safe to host and you won’t have any trouble.

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Would you help me with the setup?

Hi Josh,

Snowflakes can be an excellent option for SBC’s, helping to bypass censorship in countries where this exists (connections appear as video / voice call WebRTC).

If you want quick / easy for setting up a dedicated Snowflake, I created a fully automated installer (also has ‘upgrade’ argument option for upgrading later) for Snowflake bridge, you can check out here: GitHub - RightToPrivacy/snowflake-tor-service: Automated 🧅 Tor ❄️ Snowflake Proxy (any Linux device). Run and you have a new Snowflake ProxyService (every boot)

It’s as easy as downloading and running:

sudo bash

Doing so downloads source from official Tor Project sources, builds, adds snowflake user for dedicated service, creates services, starts it, and should work on any systemd based Linux.

If you have trouble with the mentioned installer, feel free to msg.

It’s transparently written in simple bash.

Just yet another option out there (made after seeing users have trouble).

There are other options at:

Whatever you choose, I’m sure will work well.

Thanks for contributing to the network. :slightly_smiling_face: