Anonymous donations

Would you consider to support paysafe card to make anonymous donations in the future? I think not everybody may consider to open a crypto wallet to just make some donations… paysafe card would be an easy and convenient way for safe donations, not?

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Right now, adding additional payment processors or accepting types of currency / gift cards / credit cards that Stripe or PayPal cannot handle is low priority. I wish we could offer support for all anonymous forms of payment, but our capacity to do so is limited.

One good way to make an anonymous donation that isn’t cryptocurrency is to send a money order via postal mail.

With regard to @martln’s comment, there are some requirements to report the name & address of donors (if we have that information) per U.S. government rules. That requires that a donation rises above a specific level. See below from our FAQ:

If you donate $20,000 or more to the Tor Project in a single year, we are required to report the donation amount and your name and address (if we have it) to the IRS, on Schedule B of the Form 990, which is filed annually.


Beyond what I’ve written here, we can always discuss available options further. Thanks for your question!


Thanks for your offer to help! We actually already offer BTCPayServer as a method of donation! Check it out here: Tor Project | Cryptocurrency