An outreachy applicant interested in create-tool-to-detectPrevent-proxy-leaks project idea

Hello everyone, I’m Md Sahil, Interested in create-tool-to-detectPrevent-proxy-leaks project submitted by Tor for outreachy internships, But I’m confused to which Tor project I should contribute to, In order to understand the project to before to get started, So can anyone help me to understand, In which Tor project create-tool-to-detectPrevent-proxy-leaks feature will be implemented so that I can start my contribution in that project.

Hi! This project is mentored by The Namecoin Project, under the umbrella of The Tor Project. Any Go repository under Namecoin’s GitHub organization can be used for contributions. Please feel free to join us on IRC/Matrix to get lower-latency responses to questions about this project (join the #namecoin-dev channel, and say my first name (Jeremy) and I’ll get a ping). (All this info is supposed to be listed on Outreachy’s website, but I think they don’t publish it to applicants for another few days; I’m happy to share more details on IRC/Matrix in the meantime.)

Cheers and good luck!