Allow reliable parallel usage of Tor-Firefox and "normal" Firefox?

Normally I use Portable (NON-Tor) Firefox to browse Internet.
Now lets assume this Firefox browser window is currently open and I decide to open a Tor-based Tor-Firefox too. After double-click Tor-Browser is started but remains on the page
"Starting …
YES Always connect automatically "
forever (a least 20 minutes). No Tor welcome page is shown.

When I cancel Tor-Firefox AND “normal” Firefox and restart Tor-Firefox then it works immediately.

It seems to me that parallel usage of Tor-Firefox and “normal” Firefox is not working.
Is there a trick to get it working in parallel?

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When you say “Tor-Firefox,” do you mean the official Tor Browser? Tor Browser and Firefox should be able to run simultaneously on the same system. See this section of the FAQ:

Can I still use another browser, like Chrome or Firefox, when I am using Tor Browser?

You can certainly use another browser while you are also using Tor Browser. However, you should know that the privacy properties of Tor Browser will not be present in the other browser. Be careful when switching back and forth between Tor and a less safe browser, because you may accidentally use the other browser for something you intended to do using Tor.


that sounds strange. Can you give more info, what OS you are using and what version of Firefox and Tor browser is in use? Also the source of your portable Firefox would be good to know. Can you install a Firefox and test if it works with it?

I would try to recreate this and if it happens to me, open a bug report.

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Thank you for comments. Some more information:

On my Win10 notebooks parallel usage IS possible.
But on my second notebook (with Windows 7) it fails SOMETIMES.
Currently it works.

Curiously this is not always the case. Maybe the Tor Browser start is prevented by some open other connections or blocked ports or full cache or locked files.

How can I find it out? Can I somehow enable Tor Browser log file?

I am using Firefox Portable from PortableApps:

I installed it once 3 years or so and upgraded it once there have been a new update.
So Tor Browser and Firefox Portable or both on the most recent release level?