Allow for the creation of groups and the entry of members into them, such as teams

A fascinating function of Discourse, is called “Groups”. The same, is used in the Tor Forum for moderators only.

It is interesting to activate this function, because we could allow team leaders to approve members to join the team. There are several advantages, from identifying who is part of the group, limiting and giving specific permissions to them, and even contacting a specific group about what you want with it. Attached is an image of one of the Meta Discourse groups.

Does the creation of groups get moderated? I mean, do the moderators of the forum have to go and approve the groups?

Well, I don’t think so, but we can look at whether this is possible on the basis that not all users need to create groups. However, I believe that the approval of members in a group should be done by the person in charge of the group.

Would you propose the groups will be possible to read by outsiders on the group?
-If so, I would have no objections , as it contributes to transparency and be able to follow communications and discussions that benefit the whole tor community
-If not, I am not in favor, because it limits members to the tor-forum from reading and being aware of issues that are under discussion. It also will add to questions and worries whether shady discussions are made that could possible not be good for Tor organization, the Internet , the world or whatever.

Yes, we can create private groups that can access specific group categories, for example, “YEC working group” or “Sponsor S”, instead of creating a new mailing list or an irc channel. Maybe you have more ideas.

But, at the moment, I don’t see a real need to create groups by teams as we don’t have a plan to deprecate Tor mailing lists.

Yes. I think we should leave the creation of groups for teams (if we are talking about TPI teams like network team, anti-censorship, etc) to the teams themselves. I do not think there is a need right now.