All RU snowflake traffic down to zero

As of 8 pm PDT there is zero RU traffic for snowflake standalone proxy services—at least from my location in the Pacific Northwest NA. No brokers, no clients, no nothing. I’m used to seeing at least a couple of brokers. Looks like the hammer came down. I assume its more than just snowflake. I’ll update tomorrow.
Anybody else seeing this? @meskio @Shelikhoo @dcf @cecylia

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Now one connection in Rostov. Broker?

And more popping up now. Seems I jumped the gun a bit. :grimacing:

I wonder how you track snowflake clients.
Log files contain no IPs.

I filtered dtls traffic with Wireshark and I see two RU conversations: with Сочи and Курчатов.
However I’m not sure if my results are correct.

I use a network analyser called WhatRoute (on a Mac). It has a flow monitor which will give you the source port and ip and destination port and ip for any traffic, among other data points (pid, bytes in/out, protocol, etc). My cyrilic is not so good so I’m not sure if those convos match up but I suspect they do.

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I must have been checking snowflake traffic at a rare period of time when there was no activity in or out of Russia. As of now (11 am PST) there are numerous RU connections. Do pardon! :confused:

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It is a little late, but you can use this url to see stats at broker to see if it is down for everyone.