All onion sites failing to load with Onionsite Not Found message

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Using mac 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
Torbrowser 11.5
I’ve tried standard, and safer
I have opened the browser and tried accessing many onion urls from and all of them say
Onionsite Not Found

Please help

Hi @mwprv, it’s possible that the onion sites you chose to visit are no longer online. Do the onions linked to from this page work for you?

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I think I know what the problem is. I upgraded to 11.5 and from what I can see that has disabled access to v2 onion sites and they are what I am trying to access I think.

They used to work when I was using the older version.

Do you know where I can download v10 to reverse that so I can access these sites until they upgrade them to v3 please?


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I managed to find 10.5 on the archive dist site but now I just get a different error re time outs connecting to anything.

Any ideas anyone please?

Do you know where I can download v10 to reverse that so I can access these sites until they upgrade them to v3 please?

I’d strongly recommend against that. V2 onion services have been deprecated since Tor Browser 11’s release last year, and using them could put you at risk. What’s more, by downgrading to an older version of Tor Browser you’ll be missing out on many months’ worth security fixes.

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The only purpose for me using Tor is to access a set of sites and all of them appear to be v2 so my only choice at this time is to go back to 10.5 or not use Tor Browser at all and I would think the safer option is still to use 10.5 rather than accessing these sites through a standard browser isn’t it?

Actually the sites I am trying to access have the longer URLs so I think they are v3.

I can access the links in the article you sent me such as BBC and facebook onion sites but I have a whole load of URLs that appear to be v3 that are not working

So I don’t think it is a 10.5 vs 11 issue.

Yep, the most likely explanation is that they’re offline – especially if all the onion sites linked to from are working.


According to some of you, Tor 11 can’t handle v2? Why not just switch to v3, which is nearly identical to v2? I guess that’s what I see. But as for v2? I can then access OR, If I want to see v3? can use Clearnet after that. Stay with Tor 11 as a result. If you wish to drop to 10.5? Then you risk the chance, and security may not even exist anymore. You choose.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: