After I download the most recent Tor Browser for Mac, the dmg file doesn’t open

Hi, I need some help.when I download the Tor Browser, the DMG file doesn’t execute. In the past usually you click on it and it gets you to drag it into applications… and then it’s ready to be opened. Thankyou

Hi! Just to check - did you download the Tor browser from the project’s website (Tor Project | Download Tor Browser in your language)?

And then, did you have Tor Browser or Tor Browser alpha installed before? If the answer is “yes”, I recommend uninstalling Tor Browser following this instruction: UNINSTALLING | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual. (Mac has some special features)

After you uninstall it please try install it again. Keep in mind that uninstalling of the browser leads to the bookmarks being deleted too, so if you have them and need them - make a copy of them in another folder.


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help… I have since realised that my problem is probably that I am using an iPad… I didn’t think there was any difference between Mac and iPad, but I do now. I am able to use the onion instead which works fine. Thank you Nina…

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