AF_UNIX for Socks

Possible in Tor listen Socks as AF_UNIX ?

RunAsDaemon 1


SOCKSPort unix://tmp/socks1

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In your terminal type man tor and scroll down to SocksPort.

       SocksPort [address:]port|unix:path|auto [flags] [isolation flags]
           Open this port to listen for connections from SOCKS-speaking
           applications. Set this to 0 if you don't want to allow application
           connections via SOCKS. Set it to "auto" to have Tor pick a port for
           you. This directive can be specified multiple times to bind to
           multiple addresses/ports. If a unix domain socket is used, you may
           quote the path using standard C escape sequences. Most flags are
           off by default, except where specified. Flags that are on by
           default can be disabled by putting "No" before the flag name.
           (Default: 9050)

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