Addon download prompt xpi on alpha 115.2.1-beta (13.5a5)

When reporting a bug, please include as many of these as possible:

  • Operating System you are using android 9
  • Tor Browser version alpha 115.2.1-beta (13.5a5) (Build #2016005097), 309b109f347b
  • Tor Browser Security Level default
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it (e.g. I opened the browser, typed a url, clicked on (i) icon, then my browser crashed)
  • (optional) A screenshot of the problem
  • The Tor log_ where can i find? without using external device?

I do not fully understand. Did you crash because

  • a) you visited a website (what was the website)
  • b) you clicked on an info icon? where is this icon?
  • c) you clicked on installing an extension from AMO and then something else happened?

What exactly are all the Steps To Reproduce (STR) … exact details


I pointed this issue out to a Tor Project android dev, so hopefully they can help. Thanks for the report of the crashing and hopefully they can replicate - still not sure what you mean by clicking an i icon - and this may happen with any addon

As for addons, we do not recommend adding any to Tor Browser, and we should make it more obvious and actually recommend to NOT add extensions that aren’t pre-bundled. The reason is they can alter your fingerprint and compromise security and your anonymity

cc @danb

according to that patch, this is not your problem. I’ve already pinged an android dev, we’re all just a little busy right now