Accept-Launguage in user agent leaks device localization information

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I am on Android 10, MiUi 12.0.2. Tor Browser 10.5.10 (91.2.0). In my phone settings, if I set the country to India, Tor Browser User agent has Accept-Language: en-US, en-IN, en. This is not seen in Desktop Tor.

Additional search took me to accept-language header leaks browser localization (#30605) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab . Which describes the same problem. Also says closed. The report is 1 year old, but I am still seeing the issue. Any suggestions?



Hi, could you comment on this issue and let Tor Browser Devs know about it? Thanks!

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Wouldn’t they have to be aware of it in order to close the ticket? It doesn’t look like a fix will be implemented any time soon. Your best option is to set system language to English and browser language to English. The bulk of development goes into desktop, sadly.

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Yep, and it has been added. In Settings > Language at the top there is a toggle to “Request English versions of web pages”, turning it on spoofs the accept-language header.


Thank you. That seems to have fixed the problem


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