About talk about code tor

Can staff recommend a place to talk about source code tor beyond here ?

Depends what your question is about, @red0bear. For specific questions about C-Tor or Arti, I think this is the best place. Alternatively, you can use the #tor-dev IRC channel on OFTC network (#tor-dev:matrix.org on Matrix) or the tor-dev mailing list (which is also mirrored on the forum).

If this is about some bug and/or some existing issue, the best place I think is the bug tracker: Core · GitLab

just make a little chat about structure code on tor c/c++ and dirs where stuff is in.

I’m sure many of you here have read the Tor source code, you can try to state your problem here.

Lets go then.

  1. Why Source code tor seems more hard to read and understand than even bitcoin source ?
  2. Where in “or_options_st.h” ORPort 9001 is seted ?
  3. Is possible add in actual state source code more options there or_options_st.h