A question about OONI

Can users through OONI help develop the Tor about bypassing censorship devices? For example, someone in a country where Tor is blocked could run OONI and report the result.

Thank you.

Yes, there are many ways to help Tor’s anti-censorship efforts with OONI. One way is to run OONI probe, and the results will be automatically sent and aggregated in their database.

Another is to take a look at OONI data to notice new censorship events or changes in test outcomes. The measurement aggregation toolkit charts are particularly useful for this: OONI Measurement Aggregation Toolkit (MAT)

It’s important to be careful when interpreting results, however. An anomalous test does not necessarily mean Tor or Tor’s anti-censorship tools are blocked in that location, but many anomalous tests are a good first indication that we should take a closer look.


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