A dedicated bridge for the Tor

Governments and companies that manufacture Internet censorship devices find and filter Tor IPs. How can I make a private bridge for the Tor and hide it from crawlers and governments?
Any idea and solution welcomed.

Thank you.

just set the BridgeDistribution option in torrc to none

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I have not BridgeDistribution option in torrc file. I added it manually. How can I sure it’s working?

good question.

to make sure, there are two possible options:

  1. when it shows up in https://metrics.torproject.org/ the bridge should have “Bridge distribution mechanism” set to “none”
  2. it does not show up in https://metrics.torproject.org/

maybe @meskio knows the current status - Don't distribute bridges with 'none' bridge-distribution-request (#84) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / rdsys · GitLab

Excuse me, if my Tor server to be displayed on the https://metrics.torproject.org/ URL, then it can be easily blocked.
Am I wrong?

is it shown as a bridge or as a relay?

Thanks again.
I haven’t launched the bridge yet. Please tell me how it will be displayed.

as said before, there are two options.

either it’s shown in metrics or not - if it is shown, your IP will not be displayed (like for all bridges), but it is in the bridge-DB (but will not be handed out) - this is why i was pinging @meskio for clarification if it shows up or not


Tor Metrics won’t see or display your bridge IP address:

Bridges and the bridge authority publish bridge descriptors that are used by censored clients to connect to the Tor network. We cannot, however, make bridge descriptors available as we do with relay descriptors, because that would defeat the purpose of making bridges hard to enumerate for censors. We therefore sanitize bridge descriptors by removing all potentially identifying information and publish sanitized versions here. The sanitizing steps are specified in detail on a separate page.