A crack in the Tor browser is suspected

I feel grateful when I use a safe TOR browser. However, a few days ago, I had strange symptoms.
I am using BITDEFENDER INTERNET SECURITY as a vaccine program.
I started the TOR browser and suddenly a warning window popped up in BITDEFENDER. Suspicious activity was detected on www.yamn.com. You’d better not browse this website. I’ve never accessed this site and I don’t know it. However, as soon as the tor browser was accessed, this warning window appeared. And days later, suspicious behavior was detected on the www.rdvx.com page. You’d better not browse this website. Process: tor.exe has never accessed this website and does not know it. I’m not an expert, but I doubt there’s some crack in the tor bra.

I don’t see anything suspicious at http://www.yamn.com.
Will the same message appear if you manually open this website?

It is a false positive, so long as you downloaded your installation from the official Tor site you are fine. If super paranoid then uninstall bitdefender and rescan with a different anti virus, if it comes back with nothing then its confirmation of false positive

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