A closer look at online privacy: new Tor tutorials

by pavel | September 30, 2023

Think using Tor is difficult? Think again!

Our focus is not solely on developing anti-censorship and anti-surveillance technology, but also on increasing awareness of these tools. The video series was designed to showcase the ease-of-use of our most popular tools and combat misconceptions about their everyday use. They serve as user-friendly guides on how to incorporate these tools into daily life and are crucial building blocks in our coordinated approach to reaching activists, journalists, human rights defenders and civil society groups.

If you've ever been asked how Tor Browser works, or wanted to learn about censorship circumvention tools like Bridges and how to anonymously share files, our how-to videos can help you get started easily. Please feel free to use these videos in your own outreach and advocacy work, and share them with anyone interested in learning more about safeguarding their online privacy and security with Tor.

We would like to thank the International Republican Institute (IRI) for sponsoring this project and helping us further reduce barriers to the adoption of our technology among vulnerable communities. Localizing our technology and its supporting documentation, including videos like these, are valuable additions to our outreach and training efforts.

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