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I am wishing to create a website project that generates an email for the public to send to people in censored regions that have unique QR codes generated using ASCII art (http://mewbies.com/how_to_easily_create_ascii_art_qr_codes.htm) in order to prevent it from being filtered as well as being 100% text and not needing to load a picture. To make the QR codes unique and different to avoid being blocked, I was thinking of creating them with a rolling URL end for example https://www.torproject.org/asdf however I noticed the site doesn’t have 404 redirects on so this currently does not work. It would be great if this could be activated as well as the 404 redirect maintaining the correct language. ie https://www.torproject.org/ru/download/asdf would go to Проект Tor | Скачать

I guess my goal is to try to get Tor into as many people’s hands but presumably, these links are blocked. Without giving the game away are their better mirror site urls to be targetting?

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maybe just use something like https://www.torproject.org/ru/download/#rollingURLend


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Think I was having a bit of a moment there.

Although the site probably should be collecting any 404 errors.

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