24/7 Requirement for Windows Relays

What is the concern with relays running under Windows needing 24/7 uptime or consider running Snowflake?

The documentation suggests that running a relay less than 2 hours per day would be of little value.

What technical challenge requires the admonishment for <3 hours being OK on non Windows relays but > 23 hours and < 24 be worse than Snowflake for Windows?

I am averaging 3500 continuous sessions with a forecasted outage of 2 hours per week. I think that’s more helpful than a Snowflake.

No installation can guarantee 7 X 24 operation and automatic updates is recommended for all platforms.

In the Windows world, that means each Tuesday, there’s going to be a roll-up from Microsoft and likely a reboot. I estimate 30 minutes of downtime for that and 90 minutes for “others”.

I’m wondering if there is a technical reason or pattern that caused this warning in the documentation.

I’m learning, with one stable relay and one getting there and am considering switching to a bridge.