100$ to spend – 24/7 snowflake proxy or obfs4 bridges?

Assume I have ~100-120$ to spend. Where I reside that is the cost of a Raspberry Pi 4. I could spend this on a Pi and run a snowflake proxy from my home 24/7, or I could spend it on two obsf4 bridges running on two separate virtual private servers for a year. Which option do you think would help the most people circumvent Tor censorship for one year?

I think currently is more useful to run bridges. We have more shortage of bridges than snowflake proxies. Running two bridges will be a nice contribution. Thanks.


Was thinking I’d like to try running a bridge from a Pi.

Found hosting on VPS is an easy solution.

Somehow wish that running a bridge or middle-relay could be just as easy from a home setup.

Did you try to install Docker on the Pi and use that image?

Thanks a lot. I have not…
but I will!

Keep in mind, the rule of thumb is: run a Snowflake proxy if you have a dynamic IP address (e.g. at home), and an obsf4 bridge if you have a static IP address.

Always stay true to obfs4.

I found more VPS’s for cheap. Check it out: