Trouble Loading The Full Page

Hi, I’m facing an issue with a website where the main page appears fine, but when I click on an article or category, the page gets stuck halfway and prompts me to click to fully expand.

I’m unsure why this is happening or how it occurred in the first place. I’m not sure if it’s related to Google AdSense or a Tor browser that caused this issue or some other unknown factor.

I’m feeling quite perplexed about it. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem where the main page loads properly, but the article or category pages get stuck and don’t fully load?

I’m in a rush to find a solution, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

Website is designed this way I think.
It behaves the same in other browsers too.

Click on the button maybe?

This problem started two days ago. When I click the button to expand and show the full article, it expands correctly. But my question is why did it appear in the first place? It shouldn’t have appeared without any action from me.

Its not uncommon. The news website Daily Mail requires you to click a button to load a full article. If you email the support people for learnaboutcats they can probably confirm

"Click-to-expand buttons are frequently used to measure a user’s interest in page content. This functionality is very popular for large publishers wanting to measure how far readers make it down a page by forcing them to click a button to reveal more text.

Search Engine Optimization professionals have been left to wonder whether the hidden text is valued as much as the copy that is automatically visible."

From: Collapsible Content SEO - Click to Expand, Tabs, & Accordions | MARION

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