TorBrowser 12.5.1 -> 12.5.2 updater failed on Linux32

OS: Debian 12 / 32bit ; WE/WM: Gnome & Dwm

The browser detects there is a patch update available and appears to download it; browser closes and nothing further happens once patch update download completes. Poking around in the file tree failed to reveal the patch (.mar) file anywhere. Restarting TorBrowser simply repeats this behavior. After trying the auto-update under both Dwm and Gnome I manually downloaded the patch file to a directory external to the installation directory, renamed it to “update.mar” and successfully applied the update manually via the …/Browser/updater tool. Restarted TorBrowser and “Help>>About” shows version is latest and browser appears to work as expected.

I tried to replicate what happened via a virtual machine instance but I only have a 12.0.3 tarball which forces a reinstall with latest version so I don’t know if this is a bug or just some weird quirk with my setup. Let me know if there might be something useful in updater.log or similar file(s).