[tor-project] GSoC'23 Project : eRPC (An efficient Relay Partition Checker) (Project Introduction and 3 Weeks Project Report)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. My name’s Rishad Baniya, a GSoC’23 selected mentee for the project “eRPC (An efficient Relay Partition Checker)”, which aims to be a flexible application that checks for relay partitioning. It aims to be very configurable relay partition checker in things such as selecting the relays, controlling the application during runtime, pausing the scanner on demand and resuming it on demand .etc

I should’ve sent this email the day I started working on the project i.e 3 weeks ago, but I totally got distracted from this part, i’m really sorry for that. Currently, I’m writing this email to introduce myself and the project that I’m working on.

Project Repo : https://gitlab.torproject.org/rishadbaniya/erpc

I’ve attached a brief report trying to explain how the project structure is and how it’s going on currently.

It would be great to hear your views on how a partition checking tool should behave, how scanning should be done and what kind of configurable options it should provide.

With Regards,

Rishad Baniya

(Attachment Untitled document-1.pdf is missing)