[tor-project] Canceling the Network Team Monday meetings on IRC

Hello list!

After the end of Sponsor 61, the Network Team Monday meetings on IRC
returned to being a simple checklist meeting that is done in roughly 10
to 15 min. in average with zero external participants. I can do the
checklist items directly with people over IRC without forcing a context
switch for everybody by getting them into a meeting every week.

The team have for a long time wanted to cut down on meetings and the BBB
format where we have focused working groups works much better after the
team started having multiple projects going on in parallel instead of
"just" maintaining C Tor.

The team continues to be readily available both via GitLab, the tor-dev@
mailing list, and via #tor-dev on IRC.

All the best,


Alexander Færøy
tor-project mailing list

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