Tor bridges for Turkmenistan

Здравствуйте, я из Туркменистана! Друзья нам нужна ваша помощь нам нужны работающие мосты obfs4 в нашей стране

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Hello, please contact the Tor user support channels and we will provide some obfs4 bridges.

:iphone: Telegram: Contact @torprojectsupportbot

Or you can try @ValdikSS relay scanner: GitHub - ValdikSS/tor-relay-scanner: Tor Relay availability checker, for using it as a bridge in countries with censorship

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Hello, I’m from Turkmenistan! Friends we need your help we need working obfs4 bridges in our country

вт, 4 июл. 2023 г., 00:10 Nina via Tor Project Forum <>:


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Вам удалось подключиться?
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Please get in touch with the user support team. All the best!

If anyone is setting up a new obfs4 bridge specifically for Turkmenistan, note that a study in December 2021 showed that only 1,153 TCP ports were reachable.

To retrieve the list of reachable ports, go to Turkmenistan AGTS reachability test 18 Dec 2021 - Turkmenistan - NTC and look for ValdikSS’s post. Download turkmenistan_agts_18_Dec_2021.7z, unzip with 7-Zip, and peruse reachabletcpports.txt.

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Yes, see this post: [tor-relays] Help Turkmens to bypass Internet censorship: run an obfs4 bridge!

hi, should I create the obfs4 bridge myself? if so, can you teach me from scratch?

bro, where can i get the meek_lite bridge that works in our country?

hi bro, is it possible to convert vanilla bridge to obfs4 bridge with ip port?

The main challenge here is not in setting up the bridge, but rather in finding an ISP that their IP ranges aren’t blocked in Turkmenistan. Bridges running on residential connections (outside Turkmenistan) and some specific ports such as 443,80,8080 seems to work well.

Just ask to the Tor User Support channel:

If you’re using tor-relay-scanner, those are actually Tor public relays that can be used as bridges and aren’t blocked in your country. However, it’s not possible to “convert” to obfs4 bridges.
The relay operator would need to shut down their public relay and install an obfs4 bridge.

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