The bandwidth of the relay cannot be measured

My relay is a version of Tor running on Ubuntu. It has been running for 10 days, but its bandwidth still cannot be measured. Here are the results of

I suspect there is something wrong with the configuration of my torrc file, is that right? Here is the configuration of my torrc file:

ORPort 9001
DataDirectory /root/config/data
Log notice file /root/logfile/notice.log
Nickname talorswift
CookieAuthentication 1
ExitRelay 0
ExitPolicy reject :


I think the paths are a bit strange, why didn’t you leave them at default?
Anyway, first make sure that they can be read and written by tor.

Are you using the packages from the tor repository or from Ubuntu? If you are using the Ubuntu ones, check this out: Why and how I can enable Tor Package Repository in Debian? | Tor Project | Support

I would also recommend you to define a contact option.

Furthermore, your reverse dns record to your ip address is not functional.
Your IP address points to But has no reference to your IP address. You should contact your ISP about this.

Please don’t run tor (or any other internet-facing service for that matter) as root.

Please create a user, move your torrc there (e.g. /home/USER/tor/torrc) and then launch tor as a system user or that user.