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Below are the major changes of the released versions and links to more detailed release notes.


We are releasing today the first stable of the 0.4.8.x series which is Several major features and bug fixes can be found in this release. In particular, two major features worth noting for which we will release a more detailed blog post in the coming weeks explaining these in depth:

  1. Conflux - prop#329
    A portion of your general purpose client circuits will use two legs to the Exit increasing reliability and throughput. In the future, depending on the circuit usage, it might be more legs.

  2. Proof-of-Work - prop#327
    Onion service now have the ability to prioritize client requests by proof-of-work that is a puzzle with a difficulty level proposed by the service.

The release notes below contains the detailed list of all bug fixes and features in the 0.4.8.x series.

Release Notes