Re: [tor-relays] Relay not connecting


you’re running other services on the same server of course the heavy

load might disrupt those services as well, which is why it’s always a

good idea to only run Tor on the server and not to mix it with other


That is the funny thing, everything else was working fine. Only the Tor relays experienced connection problems. Even the Tor bridge seemed to be running fine.

And in the long run, if you find that you don’t

have the resources or patience to deal with such heavy load, consider

running a middle/Guard relay instead of an Exit. They’re much easier to

deal with during an attack. But don’t quit. It’ll pass.

I’m still in the process of gaining experience but don’t worry about me quitting, I consider this my new hobby. My servers are exclusively dedicated to this - so there is nothing important on them for me to lose.

Also, I pride myself on running exclusively exit relays as this is what is apparently needed and thus it is where the challenge lies for me.


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