PROPOSAL: Bengali-Bangla: Transliterate 'Tor Browser'

reported by givejo:
If a language uses non-roman characters, it should be able to transliterate everything. Example: “Tor browser ডাউনলোড করো/করুন (informal/formal)” is much worse than “টর ব্রাউজার ডাউনলোড করো/করুন”.


Answering with my l10n coordinator hat now:

  • Browser in ‘Tor Browser’ can be translated. So maybe you want to translate browser, and transliterate tor?
  • I will have to consult about transliterating tor, but it should be possible if you add (Tor) in the first occurrence of the term in the page.
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In Bangla, I think the word ‘browser’ doesn’t have a very good translation. So it would make sense to transliterate that as well. But I would be interested what other native Bangla speakers think about that.


টর পরিব্রাজক works I guess

Hi @Hive, welcome to the Tor Project forum - thanks for posting & hope you’ll find a home here?! Take care :slight_smile:

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That is great, some translators agree that this sounds better.
I will contact other Bangla translators in Transifex to ask them about this.

We should also contact the comms team in Tor Project, or maybe the Community Team? To see what do they think about this.

One counterproposal is to have ‘টর পরিব্রাজক (Tor Browser)’, always adding the name in English.

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I will

  • go to the UX team and community team meetings and bring this proposal, asking for input.
  • make an announcement in transifex for Bangla speakers to participate on this thread, or give me their comments and I resume them here.

Even though I can think of পরিব্রাজক as translation, it’s not widespread and will cause confusion. I will stick to ব্রাউজার