Private window shows Firefox logo and text

When opening a private window in Tor Browser Alpha the Firefox logo still appears as well as the default Firefox private mode text that says: “While this doesn’t make you anonymous to websites or your internet service provider, it makes it easier to keep what you do online private from anyone else who uses this computer.”

Operating system: macOS
Tor Browser version: Tor Browser Alpha 11.5a13

cannot reproduce on windows: TB11.5a13

I can reproduce if browser.privatebrowsing.autostart = false (the default is true)

Please check ☰ Settings > Privacy & Security > History > Tor Browser will = use custom settings, and the subsequent > Always use private browsing mode is checked

Or alternatively check the pref value in about:config

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For me, it’s also not reproducible with a newly installed Tor Browser 11.5a13 on Windows.

Ah forgot to specify my OS, just edited the main post.

I can confirm that I have the same bug on my Mac

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Hi @raya & @nina13, can you confirm that you’ve manually disabled “Always use private browsing mode” at some point? If so, I can reproduce this issue in stable too.

Technically, browsing with private browsing mode turned off isn’t supported – but we don’t make that clear at all when the setting is readily accessible without any warnings in about:preferences.

Yes, I manually disabled “Always use private browsing mode” before test

Same here, manually disabled private browsing mode