NYX help: Relaying Disabled? Was working before

A few days ago I set up a Tor Relay, made all the proper configurations, and it was all up and running great, and was able to see what was going on using Nyx. Then today, Nyx seems broken, as it’s not showing the info… and where the Flags usually are, I’m getting a “Relaying Disabled” message instead, even though the status of my Relay is actually active. Nothing has changed configuration-wise between when it was working and today. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Before and After screenshots attached.

Hi. Could you post and anonymize your torrc file?

Your AccountingMax was reached and your relay went to idle…

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Oh! I didn’t even notice that! Thanks for pointing it out, I knew it had to be something dumb I missed.


According the second screen, your relay seems disabled “Relaying Disabled”, you can see it at the top left.

Are you sure the Tor service is still runing? What is the status of it with a “/etc/init.d/tor status”?

That’s exactly what I am saying in my original post; that nyx is showing “Relaying Disabled” even though when I check my tor status, it’s enabled. I think @atari had correct when they mentioned my AccountingMax had been reached, so it’s just idle. This is my first Tor Relay, so I’m still learning…

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