Notification bar (Android) shows Firefox-Logo

Hi, I have no idea how to reproduce this, but if someone knows how to ‘provoke’ a notification I’ll try this and deliver a screenshot.

When Tor-browser shows me the notification that I can make it my standard-browser/-app there was the FF-logo instead of tor TB-logo in the notification-bar.

I use TB Alpha (beta test channel) from the playstore on my xiaomi mi 10t pro 5g with lineage OS 19.1 (Android 12).

Keep up the great work!

Do you also have Firefox installed on your phone?

Yes, the stable version. Also from Playstore.

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tobrop Alpha Tester
July 19

Do you also have Firefox installed on your phone?

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If Firefox was the default browser at the time of the notification, perhaps that is why its icon was displayed :thinking:

That’s possible. But still weird that one app shows the icon from another.

I think the reason might be that TB is based on FF and this is a detail which is not (yet) changed to TB.