No Audio at Relay Operator Meetups, help .

Am I missing something? The last 2 relay operator meetups I’ve got into the room without problems but just can’t get audio to work.
Not on Linux with Firefox, Mullvad browser, Tor browser. Not on Windows with firefox - all with standard, default privacy settings in the browsers.
Is there something I need to do that is not obvious?
My headphones definitely work on other apps on both machines, I hear the test sound in the meeting room . . . but neither of my headphones has a microphone attached . . .
Any ideas gratefully accepted, these meets are pointless for me if I can only read the text chat, etc. and I particularly wanted to listen to / join this last one.

Saturday I had the same issue and managed to solve it. I think I started hearing when I disabled automatic blockage of requests to access to microphone and camera, but I fidgeted for a while with browser settings so I’m not sure. Also because I had the same problem at the last two meetings I could attend, and similar tweaks were ineffective.

Thanks. I allowed access to microphone but only had earphones plugged in. I’m going to just try everything I can think of . . . that I didn’t already, next time.
I wonder if it’s just a matter of having a microphone attached, allowing access to it then muting it when not in use . . . not sure.
Anyway thanks for answer.