More relays is overloaded at the same time

Hi, I’m running multiple relays from several different ISPs and Hostings and I notice that several of my relays get overloaded at the same time. Completely independent relays will also be in this state at the same time.

I can’t quite figure out the reason, anyone have any ideas?

There are regular DDOS attacks in the network every now and then.
In general, however, the relay overview does not look like large attacks.

What can help (if there is enough RAM) is to set the NumCPUs value higher.
I have the pro relay with at least 50-60.

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I can’t really go that far, I have 4-6 cores 8-16GB ram. But interesting because not much ram or cpu is used by tor.
Now all I’ve done is increased the size of MaxMemInQueues, since then it seems fine. It works without overload.

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